This website soon will offer trivia, "this day in ECW" content, and other content related to the original Eastern Championship Wrestling and Extreme Championship Wrestling.  It also will provide archived information from the original website when it operated.

This domain was the original website when ECW operated through early 2001.  It now will serve to offer original ECW fans, as well as those first learning about the promotion, information about how it impacted the professional wrestling/sports entertainment industry to the current day.  Bio pages for all original ECW talent, staff, production and others involved in the original promotion (Eastern and Extreme) will be posted as those individuals (or those legally who can speak on behalf of deceased alumni) provide this website with content about their experiences in ECW.

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When ECWwrestling.com was launched, and through its final days providing website content pertaining to the original promotion, it had various headers/logos.  A new logo for this website will be created.  In the meantime, the original logo looked like this.

The owner/designer of this logo is unknown at this time, but will be properly credited in the future once the appropriate party can be confirmed.

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